His Majesty King Abdullah II

It begins with a regions-wide consensus on action – home-grown, home-based approach to unity, progress and peace,” said His Majesty King Abdullah II in his upbeat opening address at the World Economic Forum at the Dead Sea. The King was referring the bold Arab Peace Initiative, a negotiated settlement to finally end the Palestinian-Israeli conflict on the basis of the two-state solution.

I’m attending the event as a fellow of Schwab Foundation, which has brought together government, business and civil society leaders mainly from across the Middle East, although there are a good number of Europeans and Americans here with interests in the region.

Like with all WEF events, the discussion breakfasts start early, the dinners finish late and for me it’s the networking (and a float in the Dead Sea) that makes the journey worthwhile. The food is good, the service impeccable, the weather is sultry but not unbearable, and am enjoying connecting with people I haven’t seen for some time, especially the social entrepreneurs.

Kristine Peason - Dead Sea

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