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The emergency Bridge radio

Engineered for emergency and disaster situations, the Bridge is a dual-band solar and wind-up radio and light with a siren and mobile phone charger. The Bridge provides 24/7 listening and lighting access in disaster situations and has the following features:

  • Emergency radioSolar and wind-up power
  • FM and AM bands to receive emergency broadcasts
  • An integrated LED flashlight
  • Excellent sound for families or small listening groups
  • An emergency mobile phone charger
  • Lithium-ion battery for extended storage life without degradation
  • Integrated carry handle
  • External charge that is rechargeable from a variety of inputs
  • A compact design for efficient shipping and rapid deployment into disaster areas
  • A loud emergency siren
  • Short manufacturing lead team

The Bridge radio is made available by Lifeline Energy solely to the humanitarian and aid sector and is not for commercial sale.  It is available in either grey or green.