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Lifeplayer straightLifeplayer MP3 and radio

The Lifeplayer is the first MP3-enabled multi-band radio designed and engineered for the humanitarian sector. This game-changing tool combines a radio, media player and recorder – making it possible to deliver educational content, news and information anywhere, anytime. The Lifeplayer has been created for group listening; and they are used in classrooms, clinics, listening groups and farming cooperatives.

The Lifeplayer is powered by a solar panel and a fail-safe winding mechanism and has outstanding speaker quality, enabling 60 listeners to hear it clearly.

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                                       Prime radio

primeradio_250The Prime radio is our next generation of solar and wind-up radio, thoughtfully designed and developed to provide 24/7 listening access. It has outstanding sound quality for larger group listening. Speakers can be added to boost the volume further.

An analogue radio with FM, AM and three SW bands, the Prime features an attractive digital LCD screen. Station frequencies are displayed in a large, clear, easy-to-read format. A color-coded user interface, with three buttons and one knob, makes it easy to understand for children and adults.

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                                                                 Emergency Polaris radio

Polaris redBig on functionality but small in size, the Polaris is a radio, flashlight and mobile phone charger – making it an ideal tool for complex emergency response initiatives where freight efficiency and rapid deployment are key, and communication is vital.

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Emergency Polaris Plus radio


With all the same features and functionality of the Polaris, plus plays audio content on miscroSD cards. This allows listeners to play, pause, fast forward, rewind and replay as needed. Content can be downloaded via a microSD card from a mobile phone or computer and then inserted into the Polaris Plus.

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Emergency Bridge radio

Emergency radio

Engineered for emergency and disaster situations, the Bridge is an FM/AM solar and wind-up radio and light with a siren and mobile phone charger. The Bridge provides 24/7 listening and lighting access for families in disaster situations.

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