Make It Right Foundation panel discussion on the reconstruction of the Ninth Ward

One of the most engaging speakers at Clinton Global Initiative was Dierdre Taylor, who is a Make It Right Homeowner in the Ninth Ward in New Orleans. Brad Pitt who was quite humble, spoke about how shocked he had been months after Hurricane Katrina and how little had been done by the government. So he and others founded the Make it Right Foundation to build green, clean and affordable homes using the most efficient technologies and building construction and, Diedre, a hospice worker and single mother of two, was one of the first home owners.

Dierdre held her own on stage with Brad Pitt and President Clinton sharing her joy of living in a modern, solarized house which she owns and pays a mortgage of $400 pm and a monthly electricity bill of $50. Her daughter no longer suffers asthma as she did in their house that was washed away. She had everyone laughing as she described her dual commode flush toilet with two moons – one a half moon and one a full moon. Dierdre left it to the audience to figure out what that meant.

by Kristine Pearson

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