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Our values

Our values, which underpin everything that we do, are integrity, excellence, innovation and partnership.


Integrity in daily action is the cornerstone upon which we judge ourselves and the yardstick against which we invite our stakeholders to measure us. Cultivating integrity begins within and builds outward to others. We value a climate of mutual trust with all our stakeholders, with whom we share and exchange perspectives. When we share the stories of those we seek to serve, we do so with sensitivity, respect and dignity.


Striving for excellence is a way of life. It inspires and sustains us in all that we do. We continually demand the best of ourselves in service delivery to all our stakeholders, externally and internally. At Lifeline Energy commitment to excellence requires that we:

  • Respond urgently and vigorously to opportunity
  • Distribute the best quality solar and wind-up products that are safe to use and environmentally clean
  • Develop enduring partnerships
  • Deliver effective and timely projects
  • Adopt rigorous standards of performance evaluation.


We hold that the most complex and intractable problems – from poverty to environmental degradation – are capable of creative resolution. This inspires us to seek opportunities to place innovative and clean technologies at the service of even the most remote, forgotten and disenfranchised sectors of society. We seek to approach entrenched and long-running problems with a fresh and original eye. We scan the environment for novel and effective models of operation. We aspire to create new alliances across unlikely boundaries and in places where they may never have been found before.


Partnerships lie at the heart of our work. We believe that lasting improvements in people’s lives come about when all those involved and affected by change are offered space for their voices to be heard. We seek partners who share our goals and values, and with whom we can co-create vehicles for collective research, participative service delivery, joint evaluation and learning.