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About us


Lifeline Energy provides 24/7 access to audio content that educates, informs and invigorates learning for vulnerable and at-risk populations. Our pioneering fit-for-purpose, solar and wind-up radios and MP3 players are designed and engineered for large group and classroom engagement. Working mainly in Africa, our products have proven impact in schools, clinics, women’s listening groups, and farming cooperatives.

We respond to humanitarian emergencies globally with solar and wind-up radio-lights.

Nearly 600,000 solar and wind-up radios and media players have been distributed since 1999, mainly in Africa. Each radio or media player benefits an average of 40 listeners.  In school programmes that number is higher given large class sizes.

We work across development sectors including education, health, agriculture, peace-making, the environment, and emergency response.

No other organisation does what we do.

Lifeline Energy is a US and South African charity

Lifeline Energy is a fund-seeking 501 (c) (3) US charity and a Section 18A and 21 South African public benefit organisation that relies on contributions from individuals, family foundations, corporate funding, institutions and government-sponsored programmes.  UK donations are made via GlobalGiving. We partner with international aid organisations, in-country NGO partners, business and UN agencies to implement education and information projects and respond to humanitarian emergencies. Lifeline Energy was formerly known as Freeplay Foundation.

Lifeline Technologies: our new product development company

In 2010 Lifeline Technologies Trading Ltd, a for-profit new product development and trading company that designs and manufactures the products we use in our projects. Lifeline Energy is the majority shareholder.  It’s a unique hybrid business structure with Lifeline Technologies’ profits accruing to the charity to provide a revenue stream.